Pix and me

How do I manage my account? Is Pix accessible? How I can I contribute to the Pix project?

I have a visual impairment, can I use Pix?

We work to ensure we are accessible to everyone and that Pix can be used with all devices.

However, we apologise if a question is not accessible. You can let us know by clicking on “Report a problem” at the bottom left of the question page, then choosing the “Test accessibility” category. You can then give the details of your problem. We recommend you skip the question (by clicking on “Skip”) if you are stuck on it.

If you would like the questions to be read aloud, we do not offer text-to-speech reading on the website itself, but there are free solutions for many browsers.

If you use accessibility tools such as a screen enlarger or a braille device, you can use this in the certification. It may be provided by the centre if it is able, or you can bring your own. You should discuss this in advance with the centre. More information about adaptations during the certification will be available soon.


If you are a student in secondary education in France or in a French school abroad, you will find more information about adaptations during the certification in this article.

Modified on: Tue, 20 Apr, 2021 at 11:00 AM

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