Using Pix

Are there technical prerequisites? What should I do if I encounter an error?

What are the Pix levels and the scoring system used by Pix?

The score appearing at the top left of your profile page sums up your overall digital literacy.

With each correct answer to a question, you collect points called "pix".

The maximum score will eventually be 1024 pix. However, level 8 isn’t available yet.

You can currently have a maximum score of 896 pix, if you were to reach level 7 in all competences.

The exercises on Pix assess 16 competences and 8 levels, in compliance with the European Digital Competence Framework (DigComp).

For each of the 16 competences, Pix determines your level based on your correct answers. 8 pix earned in a competence is enough to reach  the next level.

The Pix levels give an overview of your proficiency in various digital competences:

- levels 1 and 2: "beginner"

- levels 3 and 4: "independent"

- levels 5 and 6: "advanced"

- level 7 (and 8 to come): "expert"

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